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Business Marketing Service

The Emporium business marketing services program, is a program that allows of all types and in various stages of development and growth to promote their business, promote and market their products and services.

As a business product/service provider, in our business marketing service program, the information about your company, the products/services your business provide will be made available to the market place of other businesses and non-business consumers.

As a business partner, you will be required to complete an application form to set up an account. The application form will require you to provide information about your business, your company products and services.

The information you provided, will be used to create an account for you, with account accessing credential, that will allow you to provide information you want to use to market your products and services, that will be display on the marketing services center display page. The access you have to your marketing services center, will allow you to manage the contents on your marketing service center display page.

The Business Marketing Service center display pages, will have all the marketing and promotion information you have provided to promote and market your products/services and generally, such information will include some of the following content materials:

  • Business Overview
  • About Products and services
  • Market Products/Services Display
  • Products/Service marketing photo display
  • Products/Services marketing Video Display
  • Products/Services marketing details page
  • Business contact Information

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