Incubator & Accelerator Program

The Incubator/Accelerator Program is a virtual business development program designed for startups and business ventures that have membership with TechWorld Venture lab and chooses to be part of the Incubator/Accelerator program to help develop, establish and grow their business venture.

Our Program Business Model

TechWorld venture lab goal and object is about helping startups to establish, grow and thrive into a successful business venture that creates jobs through the Goods and services they provide into the market. And to fully fill and meet this goal and objective, we have established a business model that will enable us to achieve that..

Our business model is built on both incubator and accelerator programs, the programs that allow us to engage with startups, from their early stage of development and provide them with resources they will need as they move from one stage of development to the other and the resources provided based on the stage of development needs

General TechWorld venture lab members in either the incubator or accelerator program are assisted with human capital of an executive team, management team and operational team. Other provided business development needs support will include business venture general operation support and an office space.

Our Program Business Model Offering

TechWorld venture lab incubation/accelerator programs generally offer the business development support they need either to establish or grow their venture. Offering that are generally made available are business venture mentoring, executive management support, operational team/team support. Other offers that the lab provides in funding support with investors as well as other resources that venture will need to establish and mature.


The Incubator/accelerator program provides and connects members to programs and development resources to achieve development and growth viability for funding. Programs and Resources made available includes:

  • Development space
  • Networking
  • Collaboration team
  • Mentor/coach
  • Access to investors
  • Access to funding
  • Access to mentors
  • Marketplace Services
  • Technical assistance with development

Accelerator/incubator program

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